Top Offshore Excursions in the Bahamas


For the most exciting and memorable offshore excursions in the Excursions Nassau Bahamas, you must make sure you plan well in advance. These excursions take place in the morning and the afternoon. Check your ship's schedule for their arrival and departure times. Some tours include snorkeling, swimming and dolphin interaction. While other excursions are more active, they provide you with the opportunity to do both. Below are some ideas on how to enjoy these activities in the Bahamas. Taking a tour on an offshore vessel will surely give you a memorable experience.
Whether you're a fisherman or a lover of island cuisine, there is an excursion to suit your preferences. The Bahamas is a foodie's paradise, so expect to indulge in island specialties and rum cocktails. Many cruise lines also offer food and beverage tours, where you can sample local delicacies and enjoy some of the finest Bahamian cuisine. You can also enjoy a glass bottomed boat ride in which you can view the aquatic ecosystem.
Depending on the time of year, you can opt for a day tour of the island. Some tours are romantic, while others are suitable for families and kids. In any case, a trip on a glass-bottom boat allows you to admire the marine life up close and personal. Some of the tours also include snorkeling. The Bahamas offers several beautiful beaches. However, most people visit the Bahamas for its stunning scenery, which is perfect for a vacation. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:
Snorkeling - If you love the ocean, snorkeling is an exciting activity. There are many options to explore the Bahamas' waters, including a trip to the famous Princess Cays. From a 42-foot boat, you'll float over a shallow reef filled with tropical fish, corals, sponges and other creatures. You'll also get to see the colorful historic houses of Downtown Nassau. Once you've had your fill of the tropical beauty, you'll be eager to return to the islands for a visit.
Among the most unique shore excursions in the Bahamas is Kayak Turtle Park. This 90-minute tour of the marine life at Sweeting's Cay begins with a ferry ride to a pristine island cay in Grand Bahama. You'll meet hundreds of starfish and get a chance to touch them. You'll also receive an informative talk on the history and culture of the islands. The tour will conclude with a picnic lunch on a beach.
Scuba diving tours are another popular option for Bahamas shore excursions. If you're a fan of wreck diving, you'll be thrilled with the wrecks at the Bahamas' popular dive sites. Most cruise lines offer diving shore excursions in Nassau. Popular dive sites include the James Bond wreck and the Jaws Cessna. For those who don't like the water, the Exuma in Bahamas also has a variety of activities for scuba divers.
Another fun way to experience the natural beauty of the islands is to take a trip to a private island. Many private islands in the Bahamas offer access to the ocean and provide a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Visiting Blue Lagoon Island is a wonderful experience, and the experience is complemented by delicious meals. You can also swim with dolphins and play in the water with these playful creatures. If you choose to do an animal encounter excursion, you must book in advance.
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